Saturday, March 08, 2008

No Faith?

Little did I realise how much interest there would be in my last post, a post which has, as always, been misunderstood.

Thanks to Peter and Steve who asked me directly what I meant, but for those who have an opinion formed from conjecture and rumour can I make an extra couple of points.

Firstly, I have not abandoned or renounced my faith, I have abandoned and renounced my belief in Christianity. If you cannot see the difference then it may well be that you have faith in Christianity and therefore you may equate any assault on Christianity as an affront to God.

Others have rejected the religion of their day and not rejected their faith in God, some notable people would be Jesus, Paul, Peter and Luther.

Each one of these men reckoned that the religion of their day was a religion of law and not of grace, each one was on the whole rejected by those who were part of that religion. Each one of these people believed that God made the first move towards man (grace), and did not believe that man could do anything to gain favour (salvific) with God (law).

Secondly I have not abandoned or rejected the church, I think it is a perfect way, and that is the crux, church is a way and not an institution, Dingwall has one church, and the church has been part of God's plan always. The reason I do not go to any individual church in Dingwall is simply because most of the preaching is law and not grace, that is not a criticism, it is an observation.

So I still believe all that Jesus said and I still rely that God gives me the strength to live that all I can say to those who are angry at my last post...relax and enjoy life.


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Trudy Metzger said...

I'm totally loving your posts--the way you share your heart. My favourite line here is the church is a way, not an institution. Yes! So well said! And law brings condemnation, the spirit--Jesus, the way--brings life and peace!

Keep writing!


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