Thursday, March 13, 2008

The Confusing World of Eagles

One of the most oft repeated anecdotes in modern preaching is the one about the mother Eagle that pushes the young one out of the nest to teach it to fly, this is used to say that God pushes us so we step out in faith.

This post is not about the ridiculous romantic nonsense that this anecdote is, after all some eagle chicks eat the other chicks to ensure survival...what are we saying, that religious people devour each other, perish the thought?

The reason I mention it is for because I think when spiritual awakening occurs within a Christian framework it can be often be seen as the end of the journey, as if salvation is the prize, the goal.

My experience dictates that the time of awakening is the beginning of the journey, not the end.

Too many people are peering over the gates of heaven looking for their mansion, but surely the people of faith should have feet of clay, earth is where we were born, it is where we live, and it is where we will die...heaven can wait.

So do not be an eagle sat at the foot of the cliff, thinking that getting out of the nest was the big achievement, sat there hoping to escape predators whilst crying out like a malnourished babe crying 'feed me'.

Spread your wings and fly my friends, soar to the heights of spiritual maturity and be a restorer of the streets and communities in which you live. Lose your lives for others, for it is in the selfless giving to your fellow man that you will truly find yourself. you know all the people who live within five doors of you?

Peace neighbour



Rock in the Grass (Pete Grassow) said...

My Dear Neighbour (so what is a continent and an ocean between neighbours?)
thank you for this thought: it is better to encourage flight, and gleefully contemplate someone falling out of the nest.

Rock in the Grass (Pete Grassow) said...

sorry - that sould have read "flight, than gleefully..." but my fingers escaped my brain.

Frank said...

It is a point often missed, that the Kingdom of heaven is NIGH unto you, in other words HERE AND NOW, with additional and eternal consequences. For some it seems that there is nothing in Christianity to live for, but heaven when you're dead.

Anonymous said...

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Trudy Metzger said...

Very good thoughts,and excellent writing style! Your comment about eaglets eating each other... well, is there more parallel there than we wish? Either way, Jesus came to give us abundant life and have us soar, not sit around! And truly it is the only the beginning, when first we find Him real in us, and ourselves alive in Him, through salvation. Thank you!


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