Sunday, October 21, 2007

Weird and then some

Last night whilst working on the taxi I noticed a series of orange lights in the sky above Tulloch, about 5 in all, I thought they were helicopters coming towards me as they were moving very slow. So I stopped the car to listen for noise and heard nothing, by this time a few more had appeared.

I went to the house I was picking up from and the two customers watched with me as a line of about 20-30 orange lights moved slowly, each one seemed to be about a mile away and a 200 yards apart, though distance in the dark is hard to judge.

Each light followed the same path before disappearing from view, the whole episode lasted about 10 minutes and I never saw them after this. The sky was slightly cloudy with little wind, these were unlike anything I have ever seen before.

I thought they could have been some kind of orange helium balloon with lights inside that had been released from a party, and the uniform track they took would be because of wind currents, but at least one of them at one point moved back against the flow.

Any ideas.


dinsy said...

See letter in the North Star page 6 this week "Unidentified Glowing Object". Do you think it could be the same thing? A different date and time but also unknown things in the sky.

Maybe we're not alone!

Brian Robertson said...

Maybe it was Eric trying out a light show for a future concert on God TV

Anonymous said...

Hiya, forget the strange glowing lights what's this about a taxi??? You working with Don again? Gill :)


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