Thursday, June 21, 2007

On walking to the shop on a damp Highland evening, me and Andrew moved a snail from the path.
So we (I) wondered how long it would take for a snail to walk from Dingwall to Manchester. So we took the snail home and enticed it to walk.

it took the snail 3 minutes and 07 seconds to walk (slime) 12 inches.

Dingwall is 385 miles from Manchester, so how long would it take to slime the whole distance.


Sam said...

274 and a half hours (11 a bit days)
There are 63,360 inches in a mile if anyone wants to check my hastily calculated sums.

Couldn't resist the challenge!

P.S It's not "me and Andrew" it's 'Andrew and I'- Now you have someone policing sums and grammar lol x

Anonymous said...

Right here goes:

12inches in 3 min 7 sec =
0.304801metres in 187 sec

385miles= 619568metres
So 619568/0.3= 2065229

Therefore 2065229*187 sec=
386197832.9 seconds or
6436630.548 minutes or
107277.1758 hours or
4469.88 days or
12.25 years

So if Snaily set off at 9am 21st June 2007, he would reach mancunia at 3pm Sept 20th 2019 which is a friday. Might arrange to meet up for a few beers wit him, reckon he'll fancy a pint by then!!

There are a lot of factors not taken into account (like wind/slime resistance) but we'll let that slide!!


Dave Lynch said...

Thanks Miss Sam, ever thought of being an English teacher, and nice one lynch jnr, your maths is good as ever.
May get snaily some nike trainers for grip.


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