Thursday, May 10, 2007

Jesus down under

Brians blog carried this...

Jesus could not go straight to heaven from the cross. He had all the sins of the world and there is no sin allowed in heaven. So he dumped them in hades and preached there before the Resurrection.!

I do not really see how this fits within NT teaching, the thought of Jesus hauling this big bag of sins around for three days is alien, also his statement 'it is finished' becomes confusing. This teaching is reminiscent of Copeland/Meyer's teaching that the cross was not sufficient for redemption, any other thoughts welcome.


Brian Robertson said...

Dont jump thr gun Dave al I was thinking was that at the time he could not take the sin to heaven.
Of course it is dealt with.
It is finished ?
What was finished? The redemption circle instigated by God!

Dave Lynch said...

Thanks B, you are right, he could not take the sin to heaven (though sin can enter the heaven and God can look upon it, see Satan in Job)therefore it was dealt with at the cross, hence is finished.

Interesting the comment on the redemption circle of God, where did that circle begin...with Adam?

dinsy said...

"he could not take the sin to heaven" - I thought that after the cross the sin had been "dealt with" ie, did not exist any more. Wasn't that the point of Jesus taking the sin into his own body? In which case, after he was dead there wouldn't be any sin to be taken anywhere.

If the sin was dumped in Hades 2000 ish years ago, where is it now? What has happened to it in the intervening millenia? Is it like radioactive waste, poisoning the universe for ever?


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