Saturday, May 12, 2007

By their reading you shall know them

My wife was approached by a church person today on Dingwall High Street, they offered her a tract, she declined saying 'I am a Christian, maybe it would be better giving it someone else'...they responded indignantly saying 'how often do you read your bible'?

Is this it then, that Christians are known by the amount of reading they do...he had no right to ask that and is so typical of the religious rubbish that pervades our land, the church he represents knows nothing of Jesus Christ and his Kingdom if this is how they interact with their fellow man.

Very sad indeed :(

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dinsy said...

I really wish people would condsider the implications of what they say before they say it.

If your christianity depends on how much bible reading you do, then anyone who is illiterate cannot be a christian! So for centuries there must have been very few christians outside the church and the educated, land owning classes.

So now it's salvation by grace and the ability to read, is it?


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