Thursday, October 04, 2007

Scottish Northern Convention

Just been looking at posts I never posted - this person never responded to my here is the post one year on from when it should have been posted.
Flicking through SKY TV tonight and specifically the GOD channels, and there on UCB I find some guy preaching from the Church of Scotland, Dingwall in 2006. It was weird because I could see lots of people I know.

The preacher was speaking about the fool, and saying that basically many non-Christians are fools, and are full of arrogance, he illustrated this by suggesting that if you shine a torch in Wayne Rooneys ear his eyes light other words, Rooney is brainless.

I managed to find out that this man is the Rev David Earnshaw from a church in Swindon, I have emailed him to find out how well he knows Wayne Rooney.

I will let you know his response.

By the way if you want a more detailed look at his sermon you can find it on his website here, he had preached it before (30Oct2005 am).

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dinsy said...

Either there are notes from parts of two different sermons here, or this guy has very sketchy notes, or else his preaching is seriously disjointed. Am I alone in not being able to see any connection between fools talking to themselves and David talking to his soldiers?


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