Saturday, April 14, 2007

Scottish Christian Party...WHY?

Read this in the observer today...

it continues a way of living that Brown knew as one of three sons of a Church of Scotland minister in the 1950s and 60s.

Five out of eight of his book's heroes were serious Christians. A coincidence, Brown said, but I asked if he were also one. The answer was yes - all his children were baptised, even Jennifer - but in an age when "Christian statesman" = "mad, dangerous person" in many minds he was quick to say that he "didn't go around talking about it" and that "it's what you do that matters rather than what you say"...{more}

Brown seems more in line with Jesus teaching than the SCP, so why even vote SCP when the most likely next PM is a confessing Christian?


dinsy said...

Different governments - Holyrood and Westminster.

Totally agree with Brown in it's what you do that matters rather than what you say (didn't James say something rather like that?). But I feel one has to question Brown's understanding of Christianity when he is supporting a war on Iraq over WMD, and is also supporting spending however many billions on renewing trident in the UK. Surely he should want the same for Saddam Hussein and the Iraqi people that he would want for his own country?

As for why vote SCP - I suppose there must be some people who agree with what they are standing for, other reasons include: guilt (their pastor/influential church leader told them to), duty (it's called Christian, so must be what God wants), ignorance (it's called Christian so it must be good). Fear (there's a drug problem on my estate - better vote christian).

Then there is the idea that if we have a Christian Party with a say in government, we can leave "getting the nation back to its Christian roots/heritage" up to the people in control. There are also people who think their beliefs should be forced on everyone else, willy nilly.

Dave Lynch said...

I think Bush has been leading the USA back to its Christian roots...sure he said Iraq was like a Crusade!

What is the SCP's policy on Iraq and war in general?

dinsy said...

Couldn't find anything relating to foreign policy or defence in general, or trident in particular, which begs the question of what they would do when the Westminster government decides something against their SCP policies that is not devolved to Scotland. Are they going to allow Westminster to force their "un-christian" views in Scotland, or fight them?

Incidentally, they will allow new nuclear power stations, which puts them alongside Labour, and totally opposed to Lib Dem and SNP. Shame nuclear power hadn't been developed in biblical times, or I wonder what the relevant Levitical law would have been?


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