Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Extreme Baptist Hate Message

Did anyone else see Louis Theroux at Fred Phelps Westboro Baptist Church on TV the other night,the group that has become infamous for its God Hates Fags messages. I was pretty appalled, (though I already knew God wasn't keen on smoking, he introduced a No Smoking policy in heaven ages ago, though it is possible to still smoke in hell) at the sheer intensity of this hate message.

What really struck me was that they were allowed to protest. If they had the
The Equality Act (Sexual Orientation) Regulations 2007 then this could not happen, maybe some Christian groups should think about this before opposing it.

I wonder if the allowance in the USA to permit groups like this is revealing of a grass roots culture that supports oppression, injustice, bigotry etc.

It was worth noting how this Baptist group only protested safe places, never saw them in Greenwich village. Very sad, may try and get some of it on Youtube later.


Anonymous said...

Actually, we allow them to protest here in the USA because we have a little thing here called "Freedom of Speech"... it's not called "Freedom of Speech for things you agree with" -- If we want people to be able to speak freely without getting arrested, it has to cover everyone including the WBC.

Dave Lynch said...

you forgot you name....but how does shouting hate messages at people who have lost families in Iraq because of gay people in the USA represent free speech.

Freedom of Speech comes with responsibility

They oppose homosexuality due to it being 'adultery' (not sure how they get to that conclusion), why not protest divorce courts?
Is this Fred Phelps covering his hidden homosexual desire, remember Ted Haggard

Anonymous said...

God doesn't hate Homosexuals, he hates homosexuality. Stop bending the words of the lord.

Dave Lynch said...

where did i say...

God hates Homosexuals??

Stop posting anon or I will remove your comments, common decency

Cody said...

I am apalled about the things this group stands for. Yes I do believe they have the right to say these things. But, I wonder who in this world with a functioning brain would dream up this hypocricy, let alone do these things at a soldiers funeral. I'd hate to be a part of this group when God turns his hand to them. You cannot go around making false claims about God and expect to go unpunished.

Anonymous said...

Hey Dave,

I see that you are still going about bashing orthodox Christians. What's you hang up with true believers? Why do you work on getting things straight on your own little piece of dirt before trying to pass judgment on the US?

Dave Lynch said...

dear (i love phelps) anon person, the post was 5 months old why don't you go boil your insignificant hate filled head.
you do not know me and are so pathetic you only ever post as anon, which is what you are.

Anonymous said...

These Phelps people are maniacs. They seem to have forgotten the bit of the Bible that says "Judge not lest ye be judged"!


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