Saturday, March 10, 2007


This book is a comic style send-up of all those aspects of Christian faith that Christians mistakenly hold dear. The author looks at the world of religion in an attempt to remove false securities. Favourite characters that have appeared in previous issues of the "Winebibber" include Roger Mire (he's not on fire), Bible Repair Man, the Family Bongs (they speak in tongues), Gordon Bewes (out of the good news) plus regular features such as "witness of the week" and small ads for all the Christian products you will ever want.

I may feature some extracts from it over the next few days...


Hugh said...

Hi Dave, I am curious as to why you labeled this post with Viz ? I am sure it must have deep significance :-)

Dave Lynch said...

Ooops, well spotted Hugh, I meant to add that this appeared two years after the initial release of the Viz comic, and does bear some striking similarities to it, though not using the same explicit language.


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