Tuesday, March 27, 2007

What is Hell like?

Was listening to a debate on 693 today about what is hell like in the wake of Benedict's comments...why not have a stab and let us know what you think hell is like

Hell is a place where sinners really do burn in an everlasting fire, and not just a religious symbol designed to galvanise the faithful, the Pope has said.

Addressing a parish gathering in a northern suburb of Rome, Benedict XVI said that in the modern world many people, including some believers, had forgotten that if they failed to “admit blame and promise to sin no more”, they risked “eternal damnation — the Inferno”...more


Jon said...

It's heaven without the transformed heart to take it.

Dave Lynch said...

I think I know what you mean, but would like to know more if you get chance

Lyn said...

When I first became a Christian I thought that hell was like the fiery furnace etc. I'm not sure if I think that now though. Some people say that life on earth is hell - I don't think I believe that either. What I think at the moment is that hell is basically a place where Gods love is not present. I remember watching a film with Robin Williams years ago now called What Dreams May Come. In it self it wasn't the best movie in the world (Williams plays a guy who dies and goes to heaven, then he learns his wife has died, but is in hell, so he goes to find her etc) One bit I remember from it was that when he finds his wife in hell everything is just grey and miserable - I guess it was a place without Gods love.
I'm sure my thoughts on hell will change again over time, but for now I think it is a place void of Gods love.

Dave Lynch said...

Tom Hanks film Castaway is like hell for me, but without a ball called Wilson.

If the Trinity is about community, and the wedding feast is a party, and the prodigals brother hated the sound of joy and salvation, and if it is still 'not good for man to be alone', then hell is being alone, on your own, forever and forever, think how awful that would be. Now imagine you can hear the sound of the party upstairs but cannot go, nobody can hear your screams for company...ALONE.

Yet part of me (and here I get called heretic) feels that whilst we are all partying and working and just enjoying living in community, God will slip out, while nobody's looking,and see if he cannot find just one more lost sheep...sorry if that offends, but the God I know always goes the extra mile.

Lyn said...

no offense taken. Jon says have you read The Last Word and The Word After That by Brian Maclaren?

Dave Lynch said...

Not read that one, its taken me a year to read Robert Farrar Capons...Kingdom, Grace Judgment, as it blows me away and reorients my thoughts each time.

Read some of Mclarens stuff, enjoyed it as well

dinsy said...

Hell is ... looking at this blog and finding Tony Blair grinning at me!

Seriously, and also probably heretically but that doesn't bother me, I think Dave's description gets pretty close, but I think it's even worse in that the folks in there screaming for company could come out and join the party if they wanted to but, they think that having to finally face God and accept his love is even worse than being alone.

So for me it's total separation from God and knowing that now and eternally it is your own choice.


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