Monday, March 26, 2007


Still not managed to change blog hosting, the VOX blog is fine, but still not quite what I need.

Below are the last two things I said in Lairg on 18th and 25th of March in relation to imitation, the first is 35 mins, the second is 25 mins, of which the last five mins are Psalm singing.

Lairg 18th March

Lairg 25th March


Jon said...

so what exactly are you looking for in a blog host?

Dave Lynch said...

mething that has the ability to define users by area (like Myspace), but with the import of you can import easy from Flickr and YouTube etc as well as host audio, and have the freedom for people to comment without having to sign up.
I also need my photo host to allow geo tags like name just a few...I think I may have to go for a pay typepad blog

Jon said...

I'm having a play with Joomla, more content management than blog but with blogging capabilities.


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