Wednesday, March 21, 2007

TBN and the God Channel

I know some people think I should be more careful with what I write on this blog, but I received this email today and thought it may show that despite the negative perception that some people have, there is a lot of good being acheived...

Dave, I probably watched that YouTube video more times than anyone else and I miss it greatly. I wish there were some way to have a copy of it.
You see, my parents were duped by them, and for years, it was my only "Church." I had an abusive, controlling husband and did not get to go to Church. My parents watched TBN and thought it was great, giving large offerings of their meager retirement income.
I didn't get to watch it too much, so I missed the worst of the things they said on TBN. I did not agree with the bits I heard from some of them about us being little gods, nor did I think you got big bucks each time you gave to God. But I did have what I felt was a type of limited interaction with other Christians when I watched, and I could not believe that people would give false teachings on purpose. However, it did not take long to know there was something very wrong with Robert Tilton when I saw him years ago when he first began.
Because I felt so close to the people on TBN who I thought were bringing me God's Word, they were as dear to me as friends. I prayed for them. I gave money to them. I wanted the whole world to have an opportunity to hear about Jesus.
I moved away to a place where I could not receive Christian television. When I was finally able to see it again, I really saw a difference. I would watch a ministry a few times and think it was sounding alright, when suddenly, there would be things they taught that I knew could not be right according to God's Word. One after another, I saw the same pattern of false teachings.
Finally, I prayed for God to show me the truth about them (and other things in life that just didn't make sense). Almost immediately, I saw your TBN video, and it was truly an answer to prayer. I had never seen those clips before, and as I watched, I knew I had been right to doubt what I heard on TBN, to feel like something was very wrong with that network and their "preachers."
When I saw your video, I cried. I watched it over and over that first night and just sat there and cried. I watched it daily. I cried each time I saw it for many days. In the early days when I had watched TBN and felt so close to them, I had cared deeply about them. In your video, I was seeing that it was all a front, a lie. They were not the kind of Christian people I had thought they were. I felt like part of me had been ripped out through the betrayal, the deception. I felt cheated.
It was not that I had followed a man instead of God. You have to realize what a lonely life I had been living with a mean husband, and I was so hungry to hear preaching and teaching since I could not go to Church. I read and studied the Bible daily on my own, but because I had been abused and put down all my life, I just assumed I needed help to understand it, and TBN was the only preacher I had.
Now I am out of that abusive situation. I still study God's Word daily, but now I see now that God has already given me His Holy Spirit to help me understand His Word, even when I don't have a true pastor or teacher.
Your TBN video is greatly missed because it reminded me to ask God for understanding instead of doubting my understanding and listening to the wrong people. It reminded me to be careful who I listen to, and to always use the Bible to test what is preached by others. It helped me to get over the hurt of betrayal and to move forward. In an odd way, it just plain helped me to be strong so that it never happens again, and to watch out.
Is there any way I could have a copy of it, just for me to see? Or a way to watch it on your website?
I want to thank you for making that video and to compliment you on a job very well done. I started to write to tell you that several times, but kept putting it off.
Your profile says you are a pastor. I pray that God will guide you and bless you to teach and preach His Word in truth.
Thanks again for making the video.
Marilynn, USA
Praise the Lord

I am not sure what hurts most, the fact that hirelings and wolves are running amok amongst the flock of God, or that there are so many sheep without a shepherd.


Jon said...

Hi Dave - Jon here (jon.lifeshapedfaith) God bless you - you've given me my first positive experience of watching christian tv in - well forever! It's hard for me to have a positive response to any Christian TV - the talk such a load of shitocks, mind you, so do a lot of bloggers. As for your correspondent - thank God that she's free.

Dave Lynch said...

Thanks Jon, I know what you mean, and hey your right, some bloggers just blog for blogging sake without much to say, lots of bloggers just trying to get some fame etc...

Im glad she is free from that junk, but there are lots more wolves just waiting to devour...shepherding hurts sooooooo much, imagine how Jesus feels.


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