Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Robert Tilton...I am so sorry - an apology

This is a re-edited video of the original TBN Circus or Church, sadly removed from YouTube after 25000+ downloads due to an infringement upon Robert Tilton. Apologies to Rev Rob Tilton as the last video offended him, he has been removed from this edit and his position on the tape replaced by the Three Monkeys of The Apocalypse who stood in at short notice. Thanks to you three guys, you really hit the mark, even if you did eat all my bananas and crapped all over the wireless router.

I also had to play music (I Hate Hate - by Razzy) in the bit where Bob spoke.

By the way, just a quick note to Bob if he is reading...You guaranteed a 100 fold return on my money, its been 15 years and I am still waiting for the £50,000 cheque...I am signed up to Paypal if you need to send it.

Watch the new video by clicking PLAY

1 comment:

Dave Lynch said...

These monkeys also held an impromptu teaching session at Lairg community hall last Sunday...if you would like to book them please email me.


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