Sunday, March 04, 2007

Loss and Redemption in Macedonia

Post title expalnation below...though knowledge of Acts 16:6-10 will help.

Me and Andrew went for a walk this morning (it was coooold) down by the firth (same route as the DWex group last week). The time we went was 'church time', that time on a Sunday when most church people gather in a building somewhere close to their home.

As I was walking I was thinking how I missed going to a communal gathering at least once a week. How it seemed just such a loss, though even when I did attend I always wanted the Sunday gathering to last a bit longer instead of everyone rushing home...maybe my expectations were always too high.

So this thought, coupled with a dream I had last night, and after reading Acts 16, leads me to one place, and one place only. You see right now I am the man in that vision that Paul had, and I am calling out for people to come here and help.

Now I do not know how many people read this blog anymore, but if you, like me, desire to see the things in the post 'We pray for a Church' come to pass, then you should answer the call and come to this Highland town and help.

You know none of us has an infinite number of days on this earth, and nobody is bound by the locations in which they live, why not just live life right now and answer this call, some of you may have been trying to go into Galatia and the door has been closed, then you tried Bithynia but were not allowed entry, we (I) need your help.

A man in Macedonia

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