Thursday, March 15, 2007

Hot Air Sundae

Trying to work out which blog I like best, if I manage to get a Nokia N95 then I will be able to post to vox direct, this would make life mucho easier for me...

This post is on here and at VOX

A couple of extracts from what I am preaching at Lairg this Sunday...

'The Bible my friends is not the word of God, the bible is a book of history, letters, poetry, narrative, wisdom, prophecy etc that tell the story of God’s dealing with his creation, and whilst I for one believe that the unity and revelation within this book point to a divinely inspired collection of work, it is not the word of God'.

'Jesus life was unity personified, he did what he said and said what he did, there was never a chance of Jesus being called a hypocrite, what you saw was what you got, 100% down the line'.

'for goodness sake this gospel is so very simple to understand, even a child could understand, and maybe that’s our problem, we have so much grown upness in us'.


dinsy said...

Please, please, please, remember to record it for those of us who will be locationally challenged on Sunday morning.

Dave Lynch said...

no probs, could always put a pulpit in your lounge and preach it there on Monday...would that make it a church?


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