Thursday, March 08, 2007

The end is nigh

Evolution is one of those things that never stops changing, and this blog has seen many ups and downs, there have been over 750 posts, though only a relative few ever seem to raise comment.

But evolve it has, and blogger just does not do what I need anymore, I have too much content in the shape of video, audio, images that are at different sites. I have found a new blog site where I can just pull these things from all over, avoiding the cumbersome blogger interface. It also allows me to blog easily from my mobile, removing the need to be sat at my PC to blog.

The one thing I am going to do is leave this blog here as a legacy to the last two years, I cannot list how many people have told me they have been inspired by this blog, not least myself, your comments have been good and robust. i loved all of it, and if I could go back I would post every single post again, no regrets.

Many people will have the option to never visit my new blog, thats cool, but you cannot tell me what I can or cannot post, you do not own me. Many people over these last few months have told me that my blog gives a negative image of blog is tiny and viewed by a handful of people each day...It is Christianity that gives Christianity a negative image...I am total chicken feed compared to the 24/7, 365 days a year trash that is spewed out of the GOD TV stations...go complain to them, though I am always happy to receive phone calls or even go for coffee or don a pair of boxing gloves and fight over our differences (joke, I prefer bare knuckle)(thats another joke)

So I am just tidying things up over at the new blog and then it will be farewell blogger, and hello new blog world. Join me there if you want, I will post the full link in a few days.


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