Tuesday, February 27, 2007

The Time is Now

The Time is Now - Moloko 04 minutes 31 seconds...there is something about this song, something so almost earthy and deep that it touches a deep place in my soul and it crosses my spiritual and physical spheres of life...

On the physical it reminds me how very precious our family and friends and in fact, all people are, and how we so often miss living in the moment with them right now...we look ahead forgetting that one day we will have them no longer by our side (I do not mean death). I think about sitting with Andrew and playing Rayman Raving Rabbids and knowing that he will continue growing up (he is 7 now) and one day he will be away and there will be nobody to play this loony game with...and I know this because I have sat with our other children and they move on, (well not all) but thats okay, because I lived in the moment with them then and I still do now, regardless of age. God I love life so much...

On a spiritual level it reminds me that we live for the future, always on about the future and we just ride roughshod over the present, yesterday is gone, tomorrow is waiting for us, but today is visiting us (albeit fleetingly) right now...live it today, don't look for it tomorrow and then regret missing it yesterday. God I so love living in this kingdom right now, I am so at peace and so focused and so confident and so happy and so alone and so alive right now.

Lyrics for the song....

You're my last breath/You're a breath of fresh air to me/I am empty/So tell me you'll care for me/You're the first thing/And the last thing on my mind/In your arms I feel

Sunshine/On a promise/A day dream yet to come/Time is upon us/Oh but the night is young/Flowers blossom/In the winter time/In your arms I feel/Sunshine

Give up yourself unto the moment/The time is now/Give up yourself unto the moment/Let's make this moment last

You may find yourself/Out on a limb for me/Could you accept it as/A part of your destiny/I give all I have/But it's not enough/And my patience is short/So I'm calling your bluff

And we gave it time/All eyes are on the clock/But time takes too much time/Please make the waiting stop/And the atmosphere is charged./In you I trust./And I feel no fear as I/Do as I must.

Tempted by fate/And I won't hesitate/The time is now/And I can't wait

Give up yourself unto the moment
The time is now
Give up yourself unto the moment
Let's make this moment ... last.


dinsy said...

Confused of Alcaig writes: Dave, what do you mean, "On a spiritual level it reminds me that we live for the future" ?

Dave Lynch said...

Unconfused of Dingwall writes: Dinsy, I think what I meant was that on a spiritual level (and it needs to be understood that the majority of my spirituality is from within a Christian worldview) we seem to be focused on heaven, and the inherent rewards contained therein. This then can lead to a reductionist view where we see everyone in terms of heaven or hell bound (there is a huge amount more I could write but maybe I will post on that instead).
More importantly in ref to the post you ask about is our own view, that this life is just a transition to the future, and therefore we have an unhealthy leaning to look to the future.
This means we miss what is very real and very present, in my spirituality this is the Kingdom of Heaven.
For those people who believe they are 'saved' etc, they (we) need to put away the future, we are going to get there, and focus on today.

Hope that helps?

dinsy said...

Thanks Dave, that clarifies things. I couldn't tell whether it was a value statement (we should live for the future) or a statement of fact (some christian people live for the future).

Personally, I never understood the view that thinks the present life in the here and now is just to be "got through" as best we can before the real show (future life in heaven) begins. If we can't enjoy God now, what is the point?

What kind of God would give us 70 years toil and trial just to reward us afterwards with eternal bliss?


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