Friday, February 23, 2007

Old age sucks

I have started eating mixed nuts and raisins, I just love them, I used to eat lots of them when I was younger. So it was a shock to notice yesterday (as I dropped about 30 peanuts in my mouth whilst driving) that it took me a drive to Tesco (half mile) beofre I had finished them all...why?

Well I realised that I now had less teeth with which to chew them...:(

A day is coming when I will have to have my nuts liquidised, like I say - old age sucks!


dinsy said...

Wait till your celebration meals out consist of the soup course and the trifle course! By the way I won't comment on the number of peanuts you can fit in your mouth! (Oooops, seems I just did!)

Why the new style of pop-up page comment box, any chance you could go back to the old style?

dinsy said...

Hey, ask and you shall receive, a worked example. Thanks Dave, though I didn't expect it to be this quick!

Now, what's with the link to a site containing an advert for The Maker's Diet Pills?

Dave Lynch said...

No probs, I cannot get stupid blogger to stop putting ancient comments as recent ones, I need to find a hack to improve comments.


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