Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Liberal Backslider

This is how I feel today, so I lifted this track and some old video, you know its funny, you can do a whole lot of good and be passionate, but do one bit of (perceived) bad and everyone wants to stone you.
So those of you who read this blog just to find titbits for your gossip chains ...Here's to the bigger love...

I’m a liberal backslider I’ve been sliding ‘bout ten years

People ask me how I’m doin’ and I confirm all their fears
I’m swearing like a trooper, and I’m drinking like a bum
I’m a liberal backslider and it sure is a lot of fun.

Been Following these footsteps now for many a year gone by
But you always upset someone there no matter how you try
Well the good things they’re forgotten if a bad thing comes around
Now all these stones are flyin’ they’re gonna knock me to the

I’m a liberal backslider….

I take a stand on justice, I take a stand on race
Gonna take me a TV evangelist and punch him in the face
I sing about the hope that’s in me and ask why the poor aren’t fed
But if I don’t tow the party line, it’s be better if I were dead

I’m a liberal backslider….

So I’ll be asking for forgiveness then until the day I die
Though I can’t be sure of what I’ve done I think I’d better try
Thank God you’re not the jury, thank God I’m not the judge
Here’s to a bigger picture, here’s to the bigger love!

I’m a liberal backslider….

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