Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Lairg 4th Feb 2007

It was mentioned to me that there seems to be some discussion around my recent sermons in Lairg. I always appreciate discussion, but am somewhat perplexed when this discussion may involve people who never heard the sermon. Obviously someone who did hear it may have been kind enough to share it with these others, possibly adding their own interpretation to the discourse.

So in an attempt to aid that discussion I have posted the full transcript at the link below, allowing a Berean like opportunity to discuss my teachings that day further. I hope this helps, for without the full information, any discussion could be construed as gossip, and I know we all desire to avoid that most troublesome of characters.

Extract from sermon...

If you take nothing else away today, then take this, and I mean it most seriously and gravely, just how big is the cup you use to measure forgiveness to others? ‘Because I tell you this, it is the same cup you will drink from in the heavenly kingdom and here on earth.

read full transcript at Lairg 4th Feb 2007

the transcript for 11th Feb will appear shortly.

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