Tuesday, February 13, 2007


Some people think that this blog has an unhealthy interest in Dingwall Baptist Church. I have searched all 767 posts I have posted and below is an extensive list where I have mentioned DBC...


...Hope this helps people get some perspective. I do have an interest in the church in Dingwall as I go to a church in Dingwall and I live here. Any postings that refer to the church in Dingwall refer to the church I go to as well.


Annette said...

I think people who read your blog must remember that it is just that - Your blog where you're intitled to express your views and as you've pointed out before nobody is made to subscribe to or read your blog. As you know I'm from DBC and I enjoy reading your blog, it often challenges me, sometimes inspires me and occassionally infuriates me but I know everything you write is heartfelt and nobody can deny your passion for Jesus. I'm not sure that you refer to DBC anymore than any other church in Dingwall but just who was the church that made you so dissapointed with their Christmas Card invitation??

Dave Lynch said...

Thanks Annette, your comments were encouraging, if you do not mind I will email you 'off blog' in regard to the Christmas cards, but it was not DBC, and in fact I received one from DBC kindly hand delivered by Morag.

Annette said...

Don't worry about emailing me re the other church, cos I have to be honest and say that I had "presumed" it was DBC you were referring to and that part of my comment was to highlight that perhaps there were hidden references to DBC within the blog, I was wrong about that so please accept my apology. Maybe others have also read into various entries and wrongly presumed DBC was the church in reference? I know for myself if I spent more time studying The Word rather than studying blogs and various websites I'd probably be a whole lot better for it ;-)

Dave Lynch said...

Thanks Annette, apology accepted, though we all presume too much, me included.

I guess as DBC is part of Dingwall, as I am, then any comments regarding 'church' will be open to different interpretations, but that is life, we all interpret what we see and read through our own presuppositions and cultural conditioning. (I recently had a long discussion on the Free Church forum regarding Christians and tattoos, we all interpret things differently)

The challenge for us as disciples is to allow the Kingdom (and especially Jesus 'new law' given at the 'sermon on the mount') to be the presupposition and conditioner through which we view other people and colour and flavour the way we respond in relationships.

Thanks for your responses, it conveyed a real sense of maturity and humility, I feel blessed.


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