Sunday, February 11, 2007


This is from Pete's blog...

I hate church leaders. I have just returned from a Circuit Quarterly Meeting. (Four times a year the leaders from five local churches from my denomination get together to discuss common needs and interests). Tonight these leaders debated whether they would allow people of the same gender to marry in our Circuit’s churches. “They are welcome to worship with us” was hastily added on to the condemnatory comments of each speaker. The devious dishonesty of this “welcome” was neatly summarised when one speaker noted that they need to come and worship with us "so that they can be convicted of their sin".

Shit – who says that gay people even want to be blessed in church! We have made it abundantly clear that they are sinners, and will not be blessed by us. Gay people understand the message: “In the name of the God of love – be gone!”

This has nothing to do with Grace, and God, and the things of Jesus, and everything to do with judgement, and self-righteousness, and spiritual pride. Gluttons, and bigots, and all manner of other sinners can come and be blessed - just not gay people.
I do not fit into this organization
Pray for me.


Anonymous said...

My advice if you want to try to focus on the words, deeds and life of Yeshua (Jesus) and then consider where He was/is coming from with His message. Stay away from Paul or anyone elses writings for now and just read and pray about what Yeshua says ok? This will be your first step in the right direction!

Dave Lynch said...

Thanks for the advice, why would I not want to focus on Paul's words as well? What is the right direction?


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