Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Old Testament Obedience

Wow that sounds boring...but listen, I have found so much freedom in Jesus right now that I have discovered that I can choose (using my own judgment) which commands I can obey from the OT, and which I can just ignore.

Try it and see, it really does make life a bit easier...


A regular reader - which one said...

Dave, you're courting trouble again. Hope you're not going down to Tesco armed and dangerous, ready to put to death all who work on the Sabbath!

Dave Lynch said...

Dear Reg Reader

I never court trouble, though often trouble seems to find me. Maybe the problem is that when trouble comes looking people tell him where to go to find me.

I love Tesco, I love their honesty in their greed, they do not lie, they seek to make more money than any other at any cost.

I like organisations that are honest about their motives, its the ones with the hidden agendas that cause the problems...woops, I'm going into rant mode.

I would go and destroy those Sabbath breakers but Man Utd are playing Arsenal this Sunday and I choose to watch it, maybe next week?

Rock in the Grass said...

Yes.. and all those people who eat bacon and egg for breakfast, and who shave their sideburns, and who do not put on a hat to pray, and who do not marry his brother's wife when his brother dies, and who plant two types of seed in the garden, and who wear two kinds of fabric in their clothing....
oops: it seems that we have already decided to ditch a whole lot of the Old Testament already!

dinsy said...

Dave, you say you decide what to obey "using your own judgement", but what guides your judgement? I feel a new slogan coming on - WWJD or "What Would Jesus Disobey"

Dave Lynch said...


I guess it could be a WWJD moment when deciding, or WWPD (Paul) though that looks like some midwest US law agency, or even WWMD (Matthew) though that got Sadaam in a heap of trouble didn't it.

How do I judge...? I don't know. Is it logic, is it free thinking, is it a kingdom vision, is it a bit of these and more.
I think it is kn knowing Jesus and the NT writings that I can discern what I should obey and what I can pass over.
I don't even think 'oh, one day I will find out if I am right'.
I know I am right now because of the motivation of my heart, and that motivation is the law of Christ which has set me free from the law that binds.


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