Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Microwaveable hygiene

Just needed to pass on a bit of helpful advice...I was cleaning the microwave yesterday, and whilst removing the fossilied beans from the roof section in a bid to avoid bacterial infection, the light came on! Not the microwave one, the one in my head.

If you want to remove all bacteria from your microwave, then just microwave them...easy. No need to scrub, just a minute on full power and all those little sam and ellas are toast.
The old food stuck to the sides will eventually calcify and turn to powder, either falling back onto your present dish as added flavouring, or becoming removable by vacuuming.


Anonymous said...

did jesus use a MW oven? I think not.


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Dave Lynch said...

You are right, Jesus survived on Pot Noodle in the desert, it was Paul who used the Microwave

Sally said...

lol- I think I might just adopt your cleaning tips!

Dave Lynch said...

no probs sally, remember a dog can lick plates clean as well as any dishwasher, and is enviromentally less damaging.


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