Monday, January 22, 2007

He will meet your every need

Dr Bill Bright's book, 'Joy of Finding Jesus' (no he wasn't lost), subtitled - 'he will meet your every need' struck as I was stood in CLC. What are my needs...

1. World Peace
2. Heal my parents
3. Heal my sore throat right now

Okay those ones he cannot or will not do, but hey, I have had a stammer for 42 years, no where near as bad now as it was at school, but 14 years ago I said the sinners prayer (well I said it about 20 times to make sure) and then quickly felt the need to tell others about Jesus. I asked him over and over and over and over, "I need you to make me fluent in speech Jesus so I can share this good news"

14 years on and still not fluent.

This is just one of a thousand needs that have not been answered by Jesus, despite what shiny Bill says. So I have to conclude one of two things:

1. Bill Brights claim that Jesus will meet your every need is a false claim based on a false Jesus.

2. Jesus does not in fact claim that he will meet my every need.


Rock in the Grass said...

Why must we want Jesus to become our slot machine: pop in a prayer and out comes our personalised (to our order) answer.
When will we learn that Jesus is Lord and we do His bidding.

marie said...

good point--I think it might be a good one for Joel Osteen to hear...


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