Tuesday, January 09, 2007

2007 - What lies ahead?

Well its not started too well has it...

The US has carried out an air strike against members of a suspected al-Qaeda cell in a village in southern Somalia...BBC News

The current US leadership seems to act outside any reasonable constraint, but there is nothing new about that is there.
Exactly one year before he was assassinated in 1968, Dr. King delivered a speech at the Riverside Church in New York City entitled “Beyond Vietnam: A Time to Break the Silence,” in which he called America the “greatest purveyor of violence in the world today.”...full text of speech is here.

Along with that is the circus that is Christianity, that religious monster that purports to be part of Jesus yet is only interested in obedience for reward and sees Jesus as its greatest love as long as it gets salvation. The whole Jesus Camp thing is reaching the news more and more, and Kids in Ministry seems to be a big mover, watch this spread over the next couple of years as the world prepares a whole new breed of militant followers for the forthcoming conflict. Just go and read about the Pee Wee Prophets and the then see who is involved in this rubbish.

For my town Dingwall the prospects for a vibrant living church seem as remote as ever. Competition and desire for legacy and recognition will mean it will be another year of minimal effectiveness from the church, thank God the Kingdom grows despite this.

The future for this blog is sealed, and the posts become less and less, but that is reflective of my ongoing rejection of western christianity, there is little left in me that was there three years ago, but in that loss has come great gain, my prayer is that I will finally reject false religion forever, and finally get on with making disciples and not converts.

Garden of Renown - 2005-2007


Anonymous said...

Hey Dave, don't be dissapointed you have one disciple,,,,Dinsey

dinsy said...

Peter, is that you? You seem to be the only person that consistently spells my name that way. Whoever you are, I am not a "disciple of Dave".

I agree with a lot of what Dave says because he teaches discipleship of Jesus, rather than cheap "salvation through sinners prayer alone however meaningless it is to you, then do whatever you like cos it doesn't matter".

Dave teaches about living in the Kingdom of God, which is freedom and love, instead of guilt and legalism. Just because I agree with much of what he teaches doesn't mean I blindly follow everything he says.

I have a mind of my own.

Dave Lynch said...


You just don't get it do you, was Lydia a disciple of Paul or Jesus? Why did Paul tell people to imitate him and not Jesus.

Say what you will, it is this kind of myopic view that is killing people, I don't know who you are because you are gutless and cowardly by signing anon.

Dinsy has taught me a lot, does that make me her disciple? So what if it does, dont you know, have you not heard, nobody owns anyone except God who is in heaven.


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