Saturday, December 30, 2006

Saddam Hussein executed in Baghdad

Was has it is it we give shelter to some dictators (Pinochet) yet hang others.

Yet Margaret Becket, UK Foreign Secretary said, in a statement on behalf of the UK government:

"I welcome the fact that Saddam Hussein has been tried by an Iraqi court for at least some of the appalling crimes he committed against the Iraqi people. He has now been held to account.

"The British government does not support the use of the death penalty, in Iraq or anywhere else. We advocate an end to the death penalty worldwide, regardless of the individual or the crime.

"We have made our position very clear to the Iraqi authorities, but we respect their decision as that of a sovereign nation." Link:

Did we not have some say in the new Iraqi governemnt? With that in mind should we not (as Becket states) respect the Iranian decision regarding nuclear programmes, after all they are a sovereign nation. Oh well, its still Christmas I guess, back to the turkey.


Here is a good summation from Ken Frost at

Saddam Hussein was executed by hanging at 03:00GMT today.

The world will not shed many tears for the end of the dictator's life. However, the world should note that the execution in this manner has eroded what little credibility there may have been in the actions of the US in bringing about Saddam's demise.

The following points should be borne in mind:
  • There were no WMD aimed at the West.

  • Saddam posed no immediate, or medium term, threat to the West.

  • The post "regime change" occupation of Iraq has been an unmitigated disaster.

  • Iraq is now on the precipice of a civil war.

  • The Middle East may well erupt into a civil war between Shias and Sunnis.

  • Saddam was still being tried for genocide against the Kurds. Where is the justice for them, or the victims of his other crimes, in executing him now?

  • The trial of Saddam was littered with irregularities and inconsistencies, to base the verdict on the outcome of a flawed trial is to send a signal to the world that justice does not count for much in the "new" Iraq.

  • The speed of the execution was to satisfy the US and current Iraq administration's political agenda.

  • A country that bases its future on a flawed legal system (as was demonstrated by the shambles of the trial) has no future.
Mission Accomplished!

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