Wednesday, December 06, 2006

a funny god

its funny hey, how there is a god who will stop the rain for a church fete or sunday school outing, yet will do nothing to stop a mudslide down a hill in the phillipines killing whole villages

its also funny that this god will heal a believers bad back, yet sit by and watch 500,000 children die of aids each year in africa

its funny as well, how he turns a blind eye to jealousy, envy, greed and selfishness, yet becomes all smiteful when dealing with homosexuals and cohabitees

its funny how he tells people to love one another, yet still blesses those who kick the crap out of their enemies

its funny how for one day of the year he is peace and goodwill to all men, yet for the other 364 is all wrath and judgment

im glad that the world and religion have this dualistic god, a god who seems to randomly bless and curse on a whim, im glad because it reminds just how different jesus is, that he is none of the above
yet I am sad, I am sad becuase most religious people, especially church people seem to serve a Bruce Almighty, im sad because they miss so much, and i am sad because they misrepresent jesus
these are the days of elijah, or so the song goes, maybe now's the time to take a few false prophets down to the brook and behead them, thats my prayer for today, that those who would misrepresent jesus would have their heads chopped off (metaphorically of course)


John Lunt said...

I think you're missing the point. God says he looked for a man to stand in the gap and found none.

God responds to faith and prayer not to suffering alone.

"You have not because you ask not." God does some things because their is real faith and it's not necessarily contrary to his nature. He doesn't mind stopping rain for a church picnic, especially if he has something that he's planning to do there. God is interested in little and big things.

But there has to be faith to believe. That doesn't mean he will always do what we ask. But I think yor suggestion that God isn't interested in smaller things because he doesn't appear to be showing up in bigger things is a bit of a stretch.

God is interested in those bigger things and he may be waiting for someone to intercede - and maybe they aren't.

I get tired of the prosperity gospel as well, which it sounds like you're talking about here - the name it and claim it kind.

Be careful about throwing the baby out with the bathwater. Let God deal with them.

Time for a little Christian love, don't you think. Afterall, Jesus is more than capable of handling them.

Dave Lynch said...

sorry john, my use of little g in god should have alerted you to something different here, but regardless, you make the point I am making...

is it not time for some christian love rather than all this religious rubbish

by the way it was nothing to do with the prosperity people

John Lunt said...

Sorry David,

I misinterpreted.

John Lunt

Ruth said...

Are you interceding for the mudslide and hypocricy victims, or are you just complaining about those who don't?

It seems to me that true christian love doesn't garner much attention or income, and is so often overlooked. It's the challenge of a lifetime to keep a "fruitful" balance.

Dave Lynch said...

ruth i am not interceding for them nor am i complaining about those who don't

you are right, true christian love holds no fame, no financial reward, no self promotion

Pete Grassow said...

God is not capricious - just the gods that people invent! The moment we try to explain God is the moment we reduce God to our human desires. Perhaps the best we can say is that God is mystery!

Dave Lynch said...

Thanks Pete, that is what I meant, and yes, Gods kingdom is mystery, yet he keeps unveiling more and more of it, well at least to me, either that or I am out of my mind.

Roland said...

I think there can also be a certain healthy separation between affective and effective divine intervention.

Generally I don't see God effectively judging. Never seen lightning bolts strike down the evildoers or anything like that, but I've certainly seen the consequences of bad decision making made manifest in unfortunate results.

While we should all mourn mudslides and such, I have to agree with Lunt's initial point - don't throw the baby out with the bathwater. An overemphasis on cohabitation doesn't mean it's a good idea any more than an underemphasis on poverty means that it's unimportant.

For my part I find far more people who are far more willing to talk about starvation than sexual misconduct within the congregation... but then i'm not around evangelicals all that much.


Dave Lynch said...

God is just so misrepresented, maybe I just notice it more as I rarely hang around in a church environment, most of my relationships (probably 85%) are with what the church would call 'the unconverted'.

I don't know but I think I may have lost my church mentality. It is worth noting that my point was against the false gods of the world, not Jesus.


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