Thursday, December 14, 2006


Just in case you thought I had vanished and the blog was drawing a blank, well I am still here, but just really enjoying doing other stuff right now. I did a new video for Christmas over at the other blog - Micah78 - as well as putting stuuf on the Dwex blog.
We put in an application for funding yesterday for the wildlife group from the lottery so hope to hear good things from that.

Been watching a couple of blogs regarding cult members disrupting services, Andrew Jones said this

Its Tuesday and the cult members are heading home to Germany. They tried really hard to hijack the church services this weekend to deliver their BOMBASTIC speeches and bring disunity but it backfired - the churches all pulled together, warned each other, turned up to protect each other, did some serious Kung Fu in the spirit realm, and kicked some CULT-ASS! I dont think we will be seeing the followers of Horst Shaffranek again for a long time. Off they go . . uh uh . .
Yeah . . .. YOU BETTER RUN!!!!!

And as for other cult members and wackos out there who might be thinking of coming to Orkney to prey on the lambs of God, please know that we will EXPOSE YO ASS WIT LOTSA BRITE JESUS LIGHT and we will put your sorry faces on youtube like we did this weekend and we will not be intimidated. What is whispered in secret rooms will be shouted from virtual rooftops and aggregated by Google. should we treat cult members, and what is a cult. I for one have met many mainstream churches who act the same way as 'cult' groups I have met.


Pastor Phil said...


I'm with you on this. I've experienced many things like this in 21 years of pastoring, and what I saw on the video did nothing to help the cult members see Christ in action, neither did it teach the church to react in grace.

Instead the cult members will walk away feeling justified in a martyr complex, and the church will feel justified in "kickin' some cult ass." which phrase I find a bit aggressive for the Gospel of Peace.

Dave Lynch said...

Thanks Phil, you make my point well, nobody gains from this, it is a lose/lose situ

As an ex cult member this is the response that would have helped me know I was following the right man.

Love your blog, must find time to spend lookin around it more

dinsy said...

I was disgusted by the arrogance and absense of grace in the kick ass post, especially from someone who claims to be emergent - emergent is supposed to be a conversation, is it not?

Andrew sounds more like a crazed military commander high on adrenalin than someone who could have anything to do with the kingdom of God.


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