Thursday, November 09, 2006

Viva USA

Looks like a whole heap of turmoil in the USA right now, Ted Haggard losing his position as defence top bod and US Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld outed for his secret sexual activities. What happens now, I don't understand your government, will George Bush marry Hilary Clinton and what about Michael Moore, now there's a man who would need more than one seat in the senate.

But seriously people, you need to get back to basics and remember what it was that made the USA the power it is today...just hit play, I lurv it.


Meg said...

I know this is all tongue-in-cheek and I appreciate it -- but EP was a man who spent enough money on drugs in a week to feed all of East St. Louis at Applebee's for a year or two - and had all the class and character necessary for a death at age 42 while sitting on the, uh, you-know-what. He was the King, the height of "cool."

Las Vegas is a cesspool. I've been there once but never again. Bugsy Siegel built it originally and that says all you need to know about it.

Yeah, we've got huge problems in this country. The biggest one is that colossal embarrassment in the White House. (Maybe "colossal" is an inapt word to use about anything regarding George Bush - except his ego. I loathe the man for what he did that resulted in Tuesday's outcomes.)

Dave said...

I just the energy in the song, never been to Las Vegas, but we have Blackpool, like a mini LV, but without the sun, yet it does have donkeys on the beach - unlike Chelsea who just have them on the pitch (football joke)

Like the UK I do not know anymore who is best for the country, guess its the same in the US, what chances Hilary being first US female president?

Meg said...

Wow, what a small world: I've been to Blackpool, too. Years ago... I was so very impressed by the gorgeous beach, but the shops: yow! The people there were nice - but then, people were nice all over England, Scotland, Wales and in Dublin, I suspect in part because when I speak, they think my accent is Canadian, not American. (A few people in England and Scotland told me that.) Well, I've always lived only about 20 miles from the Canadian border.

Oh, I can't say I never liked Elvis. He had a great voice and some of his gospel music is well worth listening to. Early Elvis ("Don't," "One Night With You," etc., etc. - okay, it's "of the world," but if you're married... well, you get my drift) - a lot of that is excellent. I like the fact that he came from Tupelo, MS and yet made something of himself. I also like the fact that when the Japanese prime minister came here recently and GWB asked him what one place in the U.S. he wanted to see, he said, "Graceland!" And he got his wish.

I think Hillary has a very good chance of becoming the next U.S. president. In the last few weeks, I've talked to a lot of people who are eager to vote for her in '08. I've kept my mouth resolutely shut during these conversations due to the fact that my tastes don't particularly run to knuckle sandwiches. As I posted on my own blogspot, maybe a "Second Mayflower" is in order. There's a movement afoot: we'd get South Carolina...

Ah, we can have our differences, but we can still be friends... right?!

Shieldsy said...

You came to the UK and visited Blackpool. I'm sorry to hear that! Hope it didn't spoil your trip too much!

"I was so very impressed by the gorgeous beach"

... or it seems that maybe you never went to Blackpool at all!!

Meg said...

Well, Shieldsy, I was in Blackpool in the Eighties & the beach was pretty (I live in a place where I can drive to a 10-ft.-wide "beach" and look 2 miles across the water to some abandoned factories in Canada)... Actually, we drove up there from London on our way to Glasgow and from there to Inverness, down to Dundee & Edinburgh, etc. I concede that as to Blackpool, I was taken aback by a town with whole shops devoted to selling fake dog droppings & whoopie cushions & little else. We don't have that here, not even in Vegas or NYC - but so far I've managed to avoid Atlantic City and New Orleans entirely and so maybe (not fortunately) we would have something of that "culture" here after all... ;>)

I have very much enjoyed each trip I've made to the U.K.


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