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Pastor fixes screening of controversial 9/11 film
By Shirley Hastings
Published: 10 November, 2006

A DINGWALL bar has agreed to screen a highly controversial film on the 9/11 tragedy in an unusual move backed by a local pastor.

Dave Lynch, pastor of the Strathpeffer-based Tapestry Faith Community, says he wanted the contents of a film hitherto restricted to the internet to be given a public airing in a bid to spark open debate.

The film Loose Change, written and directed by Dylan Avery, presents an array of 9/11 conspiracy theories which set forth the claim that elements within the United States government planned and executed the September 11 attacks in 2001.

Now it is to be screened free of charge at Oscars Bar next Tuesday at 8pm...full story


Meg said...

I would just venture to add the balance of this:


No problem with differing opinions. Just - I'm a loyal American who can't believe that her government would kill 3,000 of its own citizens, just to start a war in Iraq and kill thousands more... That in itself is unconscionable, and I do not support it.

As I've said on my own blog, GWB is a dunce. A total moron. A poseur as both a conservative and as a Republican. But I don't think he or anyone in his administration had mass murder on their minds at any time before or on 9/11/01 and conspiracy theories that they did are just that. If I thought my government really pulled off all of the destruction, mayhem and murder of 9/11, I'd have to leave this country - and where would I go? Canada? ROFLOL!!!!

Dave said...

Last night was good, about 30 people were watching the film and I had a chance to form some good conversations afterward.

I see on your link Meg that they call it a 911 conspiracy myth. Why do they call it a myth when there is evidence, there article is biased even from its title.
Would you believe that Sadaam Hussein could kill 3000 of his own people just for personal gain. Im sorry but just because someone is American or British does not mean they cannot be corrupt, surely the heart of man is evil.
I think GWB is just a puppet, but I also think for instance that because there is no evidence of a plane flying into the pentagon, and in fact the evidence points more to a cruise missile type object, that the official line is more of a myth.
Im afraid Canada is probably no better, and in fact you will be looking long and hard to find a nation that is not corrupt, but I do know a Kingdom where you can live that is not corrupt, that is where our loyalty lies.

Thanks for your comments :)

Meg said...

Well, there again are our stark differences, Dave. I don't think you can make a moral equivalency comparison between Hussein and Bush. Hussein put his own brother-in-law into a woodchipper, alive. He had his son-in-law assassinated. Bush has given a somewhat credible testimony as to his belief in Jesus Christ. During one of the presidential primary debates in 2000, he stood up for, in the face of jeers from the audience, the one Man Whose philosophies he "most followed." I know he could be and probably is a puppet to some big-money concerns, but I still don't think that a moral equivalency comparison between him and Hussein stands the test of reason, logic or the preponderance of any credible evidence. Hussein hasn't "taken it on the chin" in public, on national television, in defense of belief in Jesus Christ, for crying out loud. Bush has.

Barbara Olson, the wife of Bush's own solicitor general Ted Olson, was killed on Flight 77 that was crashed into the Pentagon. I will not believe that Bush had his colleague's wife killed.

I belong to the Kingdom where there is no corruption, but I still hold that this is the greatest nation on this corrupt earth.

Canada stinks. Although in the U.K. I'm mistaken for a Canadian, I can't go over the border, just 27 miles from my driveway, and not take verbal abuse from them ("oh, you must be a Yank. Your president is a *&$%&."). It doesn't "aid civil relationships" over there to have a Michigan license plate on my vehicle, that's for sure.

I live here; you live over there and if you came here with the theories of a plot by the U. S. government that caused the 9/11 attacks, the only place you'd find a hearing for it would be among the loony far left. There, you would find no fellow Christians; you'd find only those who despise people who believe what you believe.

The left in this country is the refuge of drugs, heavy metal, nihilism and atheism. I've seen it with my own eyes; I'm a graduate of two major universities in this area.

We're going to have to agree to disagree, Dave... I care for you as unquestionably my brother in the Lord Jesus Christ, but I am going to withdraw from discussions of whether GWB and Saddam Hussein have the same moral compass...

May the Lord bless you richly, Dave; I wish you "shalom shalom" (perfect peace) - and of course, we can still talk, but not about this, okay? :>)

Shieldsy said...

I commented on this when Dave originally told us about the film "loose Change". I watched the film as a skeptic, and it ended up raising a lot of questions for me.

I did a bit more research and found that most of the evidence as portrayed in "Loose Change" is very easily re-butted.

If you want to see the rebuttal to the film then you can go to http://tinyurl.com/wxm2g

Or for a more succint and - IMHO - more compelling critique you can go to http://tinyurl.com/z97d6

shieldsy said...

What I'm interested to know is what is "Oscar's Bar" and how did you pursuade them to do a film screening?

And what was the reaction of any regulars?

dinsy said...

"a loyal American who can't believe that her government would kill 3,000 of its own citizens" - maybe they are totally depraved, and happen to belong to the section of humanity that God withheld atonement from?

By the way, how many of their own citizens have they had killed in Iraq? A lot of the people in New Orleans seemed to be pretty expendable last year too.

Bush may have "given a somewhat credible testimony as to his belief in Jesus Christ" but he certainly doesn't live as a credible witness.

I will look at the rebuttal site when I have had chance to see the film, sadly missed it last night due to circumstances outside my control. But my opinion of the Bush administration does not hang on the credibility of Loose Change.

Anonymous said...

Shieldsy, Oscars is a local bar with TV's etc that allow multiple viewing from good positions. I know the manager, I've been playing golf with him and I know many of the regulars, he was quite happy to show it. The regulars all watched it and many of them have asked for copies to show their friends, it was good and for me the highlight was to see so many people actually discussing the whole thing...its good to talk...Dave

Meg said...

I've said before that I don't agree with the war in Iraq. We shouldn't be there. Period. I personally want all American and British and Australian and other troops out of there pronto. I don't care what happens there after those troops leave.

I wasn't aware that GWB had the power to summon up a major hurricane. I also wasn't aware that he or anyone in his administration was responsible for the stupid design of the levees in New Orleans, which were expected to collapse in a Cat 5 hurricane. (Being as the first levees were built in the 18th century, when the French were in charge there, and GWB was born in 1946, I fail to see his reponsibility for their failure.)

I don't know who's atoned for and who's not. I just know what the Gospel is. I thank God for the grace He's given to everyone who's received it. (John 1:12.)

I deeply appreciate the education I've received here; having drunk deeply of the wisdom here now, I will bid all a fond, blessed farewell.

Anonymous said...


Sorry you feel so strongly about this, I will keep on checking your blog to see what your up to, its been good having you here...Dave


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