Thursday, November 16, 2006

The Last Post

Well not really the last post, but certainly the frequency of posting has declined. You know previously I used to have a head and heart full of stuff to post each day, thats why this blog carries nearly 700 posts, the lowest has been 27 posts in one month (still nearly one a day) and the highest in May 2006, 63 posts in one month.

So what do you do when the inspiration is no longer there, do you keep on going, flogging a dead horse so to speak. Some churches should take note of this and recognise that there is a time to die.

Blogging will change, no more do we need fancy sites with lots of nice backgrounds and borders, sites with lots of links etc, most people use some form of web feed nowadays, and only ever visit your blog when alerted, and even then I for one just read it in the feed I get.

Maybe this is the way this will go, maybe I will strip it down and leave it as site to post when inspired. I guess all this coupled with the growing work just here in the community makes a reduction in output inevitable.

For those of us who regularly blog I think it can become a master, you watch the figures and numbers viewing, it becomes a part of us and we do not like to let it go, but let it go we must if that time arrives. So I think this may well be farewell over the coming days, but farewell only in the sense that I think a rediscovering is happening, a further evolution, a need to keep moving. How sad would a surfer look if he rode the wave all the way to the shore and then just sat on his board on the wet sand...time to go looking for a new wave.

There will be some final things, maybe resurrect some old posts, see you later...Dave

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