Monday, November 06, 2006


This blog is evolving, and I cannot promise just where it is going to go now, I have enjoyed doing it deeply, and my posting rate has always been high. It has carried me through the period of leaving dead religion and entering more fully into those things of the Kingdom, light and peace.
So where is the blog going? I cannot tell, nor do I need to know, but the amount of 'other' work I have is pressing in hard, the wildlife group, parents association, film showings and a hundred other pieces of interaction.

So if this blog begins to diminish, or if one of the other blogs I have takes the ascendency, then so be it. Be assured that any decline is a positive one.

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Meg said...

Just, you know, keep us apprised... This thing has been ever so slightly addictive to me and if I have to "wean" myself, I'd like to prepare for it... ;>)

Thanks, Dave - and God bless you!



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