Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Emerging DVD

I wonder if anyone from the emerging spectrum of faith has watched this yet? I think its sad that certain parts of the church are reducing all things to candles and labyrinths and thinking this is reflective of emergent.

The Emerging Church - Revival or Return To Darkness By Roger Oakland

A trend is sweeping the world that promises to change the way Christianity will be presented in the twenty-first century. " The Emerging Church" endeavors to attract unbelievers to Christ by providing these experiences. Many Pastors and church leaders are weaving together elements from different religious traditions. Emergent church leaders say that in order to go ahead, we must go back in time and reintroduce mystical techniques that include the introduction of candles, incense, icons, statues, prayer stations and the sacrament.

Order it here...DVD


Anonymous said...

I think most chrizzies forget that religeon is far far older than christ.

He wiz IMHO just a man and we are all God's sons, daughters, etc.

Candles and meditation have always been part of religeon as has peaceful coexistance which the crizzies have for 2006 years refused to practice.

Recently in Iraq chrizzies were torturing muslims.........

what can we expect this crizzie?

nukes in iran from crizzie Bu$h?

It was simple when it was just the catholic crizzies killing proddy crizzies in northern ireland....

have a nace day yall.

Anonymous said...

Your schools produce truly remarkable masters of the English language, world history and simple logic, to say nothing of current events.

I'm deeply impressed. Speechless, in fact.

Anonymous said...

yes English iz/wuz a great language us Scots speak wir ain laid.

Anonymous said...

Oh come on Dave, don't pretend you're Scottish. Just admit you are as bad at spelling & grammar as you are at history, reasoning, logic or objectivity.


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