Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Dingwall Church

Dingwall Church

This is just a test to see what happens on Google, it seems that a lot of my posts come out top on Google now, so if you type in 'Rabbi Evanton' you will get a link to my post which was only a few days ago. If this works then anyone typing 'Dingwall Church' into google will find their way too this site.
Its interesting to see how things progress, for example if I want to get some business cards, all they really need on them is 'Google Micah78', for googling Micah78 will find me, I am part of so many communities...Flickr, Myspace, Blogger, YouTube, Bebo etc and I am now experimenting to see just how this can link communities.
In effect people see the internet as the WWW or world wide web, but I think internet is going to shift to creating and joining local people in local communities, and this blog, though evolving, is seeking to be at the forefront of this whilst retaining some of its more stable elements, in other words. 'a modern blog built on traditional values' ;)

By the way I'm not bothered if it does not come out top, its just an experiment into googles workings, advertising always works best by word of mouth in a small community.


PeterR said...

Google already shows this:
"Tapestry Faith Community a Dingwall Church , a Dingwall Church , a Dingwall Church , a Dingwall Church. Fantasy - - - Let - me - be, Church - Challenge - 2 ..."

Sounds like a bizarre song to sing when you're running along to Evanton in your Rabbi (or Amish?)hat.

Dave said...

Thats okay if you know what to type in the search screen, for instance if I type in Dingwall Church, you yourself come up on page 6, just want to see how long the tags from the blog take to appear on the google front page now that google are running blogger.

that was actually my FP hat

Dave said...

meant to say that if you type 'dingwall church' into google you get DFC, DBC, DDCF etc etc

dinsy said...

Interesting test: 2 links each to the free church and the baptists, then this blog, a church for sale, the episcopalians, and then the Caithness Field Club's annual bulletin from 1985! (They visited St Celments in Dingwall.)

What are the other churches playing at to be ranked lower than a visit to a church from 1985!

(Perhaps they all have pre-modern websites built on pre-reformation values! or just use too much flash.)

By the way Dave, you're not modern, you're postmodern, which is one of the "skandalons" certain church leaders have with you.

Anonymous said...

No 38 http://www.snsp.info/dingwall.htm


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