Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Wild 2

Quick update on the wildlife group...51 turned up! So now I am taking a long and goodnight!! It was a great hour though, loved it to bits.


Shieldsy said...

Wow ... what a fantastic turn-out. How many children are there in the school.

Hope it went well. Do you have any other help or is it just you and 51 kids?!

Dave said...

There are a few hundred in the school, so this represented probably a fifth of the school. There were another 15 who could not come but will come next time.

There were three of us, though I did the bulk of it just because I knew what we were doing, but we worked as a team.
You know me though, I love doing this and mixed wildlife with stupidly pointless games of throwing things at each other whilst screaming loudly!

I think its gonna be good and I am going to use your method for getting round the families, they are all local to our estate, I see most of the children on the estate/school/tesco's/high st.

I took my own son out today to watch the flood and ended up with a group of eight for 3 hours!


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