Thursday, October 05, 2006


This is not a 'safe' post, so do not read it if your faith is weak and institutionalised...

These are averages, actual figures may vary slightly...

One town - 11 churches - 20 sermons (weekly) - 3,120,000 spoken words (annually)

More hearing than doing?

Let thy Kingdom come, and soon!


Anonymous said...


See any "fruit" laying about after all those words?


Meg said...

Incredible figures. Mind-numbing, really. It's no different here in the States, though, only our churches, "sermons," numbers of words and inactivity are multiplied exponentially and horrifically in comparison to yours.

(I trust that y'all know that when I said in the "Men" comments section that I hoped Loren Rosser's opinions would spread far and wide and influence many, I meant "present company excepted." ;>)...)

Yes, Dave and Dave/doc: even so...!

Dave said...

No probs Meg, the figures are astounding, but then think how many people listen to many many sermons and never change from one year to the next.

Not sure I changed though, I just seem to grow more and more aware of my sinfulness and Gods righteousness, it seems he gets bigger and I get smaller.

Any fruit lying around? Probably enough to sustain a family of fruit flies for a couple of days, there are pockets of fruit, but there is also evidence of anti-fruit (Gal 5:19ff)

Brian Robertson said...

This is safe ....

Five pieces a day remember.!

Apostle prophet evangelist pastor teacher.

dinsy said...

So Brian, are you likening Paul to a raspberry, gooseberry, melon or what? Are you sure you are not confusing fruits with gifts here?

Dave said...

Sorry Brian, don't understand, are you saying these gifts given by Christ are fruit?
Does that mean we can all in time produce the fruit of apostleship?


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