Tuesday, October 03, 2006


I have just received this offer and think it is very genuine, anyone wanting to join me can, I have already transferred a substansial amount to this guy and invite you to join me. There is much land up here to complete this task and I think it could be a real money earner...check there web link at the end to see the origin of these Pork and Ham Moguls, what an offer, email me!! Let me know if you think it is a Spam email.

My name is Shashi Singh and I am being the fifth child of seven and living near Bangalore which is in the continent of India. My family are fourth generating Pork and Ham giants on the Asian Sub continent. I have been observing your website and it has been looking very good to me over these many days of observing. As you are most graciously a kind hearted person in your great country I am wanting to be offering you the most wonderful business opportunity.

In our land we have very many of the animals that you call pigs, the place it would seem is over run with them. You will be knowing indeed that we are not eating them, and you can be proving this to yourself by asking when you last saw Pork Vindaloo or Bacon Rogan Josh on one of your many curry menus in the great Mancunian delta you are calling Rusholme, I am being certain this day that you know this.
My father and brothers are owning over two million many pigs on our land and we are wanting to send them to you by the container over the sea in a ship, this is as you will be knowing a very big move and I think even your friend Noah would find moving these very difficult.
My offer is that if you can please be sending the shipping money then we will ship these pigs to you for you to sell in the Britisher market for 5 of your pounds each meaning you would be richer by £10 million. The shipping costs are very low and we will only be needing you to be sending £7500 to us in our bank account in our country of which the details are below. Once the money has cleared we will be embarking all of the pigs to your country and they will go to the place known as Hull for you to meet them four weeks later.
this is a true investment my gracious brother and I know you will be wanting to be doing this very soon
The Bank of Bungalore
112 Vishna Terrace
Account No : 776566654
Sort Code 13-13-99
Please be seeing our website to see the genuineness of our offer, Sashi

Association of Licensed Indian Pig Farmers

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