Monday, October 02, 2006


Scamming is really evolving at speed right now, I got this one today, and guess what, it was addressed personally, impressive - but still a time wasting and potentially devastating it is

TEL. 00228 9946 190
Dear Dave Lynch,
I am Barrister Allen Watt , a solicitor at law, personal attorney to Mr. G . Lynch, a national Of your country,who used to work as a contractor in Lome Togo.Here in after shall be referred to as my client. On the 10th of March 2003, my client, and their only daughter were involved in a car accident along umuahia express Road. All occupants of the vehicle unfortunately lost there lives.


Shieldsy said...

great to see that they are personalising them now ... bet that made you nearly fall for it.

The sad thing is that some people must be so greedy that they fall for them. Otherwise it wouldn't be worth the scammers time.

There's a hialrious website by some people with way too much time on their hands who've actually baited the scammers ...

Meg said...

How lame. An obvious scam, but if people didn't fall for them, these worms wouldn't keep at it.

As a legal professional here in the States, certain things leap out at me. First of all, dead people cannot be represented by anyone; only their estates can. Therefore, "Allen Watt" has no client. Secondly, it's obvious that his first language is not English. He cannot write a coherent letter in it, so how can he even be a "barrister?"

If I got such a letter, I'd turn it over to the postal inspector so that the normal course of investigation could begin. Mail fraud is a serious crime, at least in this country.

Keep a close watch on your other mail, Dave, especially bills. I've been the victim of identity theft four times in the last 7 years and I've learned a few things along the way.


Anonymous said...

That's a well know scam affectionately Known as the " nigerian scam" It comes in many similar forms by email and is one to watch out for. It is worthwhile directing it to the police.


christian lies said...

I am saddened by the death of your relatives in Nigeria.

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Shieldsy said...

Just been and read some more of the stories on ROFL :o)

Dave said...

Interesting to see some people wasting the time of these scammers - to be honest I see lots of this spam stuff from bogus Paypal, Ebay and even banks that look very much like mine.
There must be a market for them, I am surprised they are not a lot better though, it would not take much to produce a 'christian' scam to put round various churches, and to be honest, Christians can be as gullible as anyone. Mmmm that gives me an idea!

Dave said...

Dave, love the images, will try and get to Inverness Saturday if poss

Check out dave's website at

Love the red tomato amongst the black and white


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