Thursday, October 05, 2006


Some news items...

1. An old post automatically reposted itself today, I have removed it but this either means there is a problem or someone has hacked into this blog.

2. I was elected as Chair of the Parents Association at Dingwall Primary School last night.

3. Me and Andrew (my son) walked up to the school yesterday evening and saw, bats, beetles, the plough, the north star and a satellite.

4. I am preaching in Lairg this Sunday, Durness and Kinlochbervie (15th), Calvary Chapel, Alness (22th) and then a prolonged spell at Lairg Community Church.

5. Plans for our new church in Dingwall on Sunday mornings are going well, with unlimited help, and the full backing from the foremost church planting organisation at our disposal.

6. Playing football for Alness Baptist Church this Saturday.

7. Still going to the gym, though yesterday I felt like the guy from the Eric Prydz video, 14 women and me!!

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