Friday, October 20, 2006


What is the most urgent message that needs to be heard in our day?


Meg said...

Is there just one "most urgent message?"

"Jesus Christ only saves" occurs to me as the most urgent. But then, coming in at a distant second or thereabouts, so does "sit down and shut up." And "turn off that TV."

I'm ready to make my life boldly illustrate all three - except for maybe the third one... ;>)

dinsy said...

How about "A piece of string is 2 foot long!" - heard it in church this morning, it must be true!

Oh and I can't turn off the TV either - we haven't got one :-)

Shieldsy said...

"Jesus Christ only saves" ... surely He spends sometimes?

Hey Dinsy, we're more alike than you thought ... we've been TV free for over 6 years too :D

dinsy said...

Congrats on extending the TV free zones in the UK Shieldsy. Do you get lots of hassle from the TV Licensing people?

We got rid of ours when we decided to move to Scotland, but before we actually moved. So we got lots of threatening letters until they sent the boys round to our house in Reading, then we had it all over again once we moved to our new house. Does it settle down once they have visited and verified that you realy don't have one?

Shieldsy said...

Used to get letters by the bucket load. Used to reply to all of them at first, then rang them up, then just filed them in the round filing cabinet!

Eventually we had a visit. Man asked my wife if we had a TV. She said no. He said, "Me neither, it's a load of rubbish" and that was it. Didn't even come in!!

We've moved house several times over the years but the hassle hasn't been as persistent at recent addresses.

Always reply to the 1st letter they send us then just ignore all the others ... don't even bother opening them.


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