Wednesday, October 04, 2006


Had this article sent to me by Meg...

Men aren’t attending church! This is the cry of panic among many organized church attenders. There has been a rapid decline in the number of men attending church services. This decline has caused many leaders within religious institutions to embark on a search for answers. They are desperate to find some kind of method they can apply or program they can start that will draw men back into their institutions. more here


Shieldsy said...

Men aren't going to Church. What, they've just noticed! What shocking revelation next, Women aren't going to lap-dancin bars?!

Church is so effeminate. We talk about love all the time. We sing sentimental love songs (to another man!). We talk about feelings and other nebulous, sentimental clap-trap. You've got to be polite all the time.

Forget all the mushy "love" crap, where's the discipline & direct action & danger & business planning & facts & figures & fighting?

dinsy said...

That's not what this guy was talking about. He was talking about men who are committed followers of Jesus who are not going to church. Oh, and by the way there is plenty of business planning, facts and figures, and fighting in church - though it is usually disguised and called something else. I guess it was one reason why this guy stopped going.

What surprises me is why more women who are committed followers of Jesus don't leave church. I know of three.

Dave, why have we got the funny letters verification back on?

Dave said...

Every time the first post of the day goes on it acts as a trigger for spam comments, these go onto old posts, and with the 'recent comments' on which all had longer titles it messes the template up. Is it a problem for anyone, I would rather take it off and have spam than people not commenting

Shieldsy said...

Must admit I didn't bother to read the article!!

And by fighting, I meant for a cause ... not just bitching.

Shieldsy said...

BTW ... welcome back Dinsy. It's been kind of boring without you. Not helped by Dave having a 'cute week' or whatever it was!!

dinsy said...

Hi Shieldsy, we had a great holiday but I am glad to be back too!

I thought you hadn't read the article, from your comment! Did you read it yet?

BTW, good article Meg, thanks!

Meg said...

You're very welcome, Dinsy - and welcome back! Yeah, when I first read this, I thought, this looks like an article that just might be of some interest on this particular blogspot. ;>)

A year ago, I would have disagreed vehemently with much of the article. Now, however, I've seen "pulpit defilement" firsthand - and I like this guy's line of thinking. May it travel far and wide and begin to have some influence where it counts.


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