Friday, October 20, 2006


Some people will spend eternity in heaven, bad people will spend it in hell, really really bad people will spend it watching this video...and yes it will make number one and haunt the dead space in your head for months.


Meg said...

Your comments hit the nail on the head, Dave. This video is, as we say here, the pits.

Why did God create David Hasselhoff? (Why mosquitoes or Madonna, either, while we're at it?)

Would that your dire prediction not come true, that this -ahem- piece of American culture not haunt anyone's dead space! ;>)

Shieldsy said...

Why did god create the Hoff? For Baywatch of course ;o)

Meg said...

Oh, okay... Not familiar with "Baywatch;" never watched the show - ;>o

Are we talking about eye candy? I have some other suggestions, in that case!

dinsy said...

David Hasselhoff was very proud of the fact that he had the biggest watched show on illegal satellite TV in Iran for a while (just been reading v. interesting book called "Reading Lolita in Tehran" - an insight into a secular Iranian woman's view of the Isalmic revolution in Iran).


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