Friday, October 13, 2006


Just ask Dinsy, they come over her house this low all the time...

Defence bosses dismissed footage of British soldiers apparently playing "chicken" with a low flying Harrier jump jet as servicemen "letting off steam". The 15-second video of the daredevil game was apparently filmed at Kandahar air base in southern Afghanistan...

more at...Soldiers play chicken with Harrier jump jet


christian lies said...

Defend your country - Destroy the Invaders.
I am sure every christian gentlemen here ( woops and lets not forget the christian ladies) would forget the call - Thou shalt not kill - and would improvise some pretty interesting ordinance if anyone invaded Scotland.

I propose that christians everywhere, train in defence of their countries.

Defend your country - Destroy the Invaders.

It can be fun.

Shieldsy said...

Does this mean you liked the video??!!


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