Sunday, October 29, 2006


Walkers Lamb and Mint Crisps

For my USA based friends this may make no sense, but I had to let this huge crisp (potato chip) organisation know how I felt, I have emailed the video to them. You see my cupboard is full of Lamb and Mint Walkers crisps that none of the family eat from the multipacks, nobody likes them, maybe I'll store them for the end of the world. I was going to email Walkers to ask them to stop doing them, but thought a video would be a bit more personal. The track is Kelis 'Caught out there', used for the chorus.


yeshua'smags said...

Lamb & Mint?! Gross!!! And did you say chicken? EWWW! We don't have them here like you said, but for the good of man, these should be eliminated! I don't even like real mint with lamb. I certainly don't want a potato chip with that flavor. much for "no more controversial posts", huh? :)

Meg said...

I'm with Maggie, Dave... (We Yanks stick together...!) Bravo on the video - it's great and I'm sure it'll have its intended effect!

I can't even imagine anything so gross as lamb and mint-flavored potato chips. The grossest thing on the shelves here, at least in the north, are Slim Jims, but some people might disagree with me on that and if you don't know what they are, I'll tell you later.

More than a rhetorical question: what has the British public ever done to Walker's (which I always thought was a respectable company) that it would foist such an indefensible product on its heretofore unfailingly loyal market?!

dinsy said...

It's better than hedgehog flavour!

Shieldsy said...

Has it ever occured that you mighthave too much time on your hands?!! ;o)

Anyway, it doesn't look to me like you've got that many spare packets ... you were obviously just picking up and putting down the same packet over & over again.

Dave said...

I knew someone would say that, but they were 5 different packets, I have got an increasing lamb and mint pile ...Walkers crisp have told me that this is a popular brand - yeh right, possibly in kurdistan or New for the too much time, this is what happens when your wife leaves you home alone for a few days.

Meg said...

Walker's says it's "popular," huh? So are bumper stickers here that say, "I Eat My Roadkill." Maybe they're catering to the same demographic.

Just a wee suggestion: the Yankees cap you have on in the video: in some places, Dave, that's like waving the Confederate flag. ;>) Want to look (more) like Tom Selleck? How about a cap with an old English "D" on it?

As for your time spent, at least your wife didn't leave you with an exhaustive/exhausting "Honey-Do" list while she was gone - and so you had the free time to film this important, public service video...

PeterR said...

Hayley's Myspace says she wants to marry the guy who invented them

Someone actually sent some by post to an American and he loved them:

Jeremiah Blatz finds them strangely addictive and thinks they might contain heroin (but from the pic this looks like an upmarket version)

Bigchief 1978 says "i've just tried lamb and mint crisps for the
first time, whoever invented them should be
given a knighthood or

Having said that there is at least an equal amount of scepticism or downright disgust out there on the net about them!

PeterR said...

Hmm... guess if I want to post long URLs to Blogspot I would need to learn how to use TinyURL?

dinsy said...

Shieldsy, having been on the film set, and seen the props, I can assure you there is an EU mountain of Lamb and Mint crisps in Dave's kitchen! Hey Dave, why didn't we try them at housegroup last night? I guess we were too busy watching the video!

By the way, what's with the new look comment page? At least it will stop me typing the random collecgtion of letters into the web page field and failing the verification several times before I realise what is wrong.


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