Thursday, September 28, 2006

Safe 8

This safe post is not only safe, but it carries an opportunity, a unique one, listen to what the doctor says...

"I am so excited to be able to share the Good News with you today regarding a healthy way to lose extra pounds and inches".

Maybe this is what sets Christianity apart from all other religions, what other religion promises to...reduce 10% of your body weight in a single month!


Shieldsy said...

But if you tithe your body weight, won't He give it back to you "pressed down & overflowing"?

Meg said...

Then has He also promised to give you "raiment to be content with," i.e., good foundation garments? Otherwise -- eek!

Nobody getting "pressed down and overflowing" body weight would be doing much pew- or chair-jumping then, would they? ;>)

And that would be a sad state of affairs.


Aaron said...

It's "Biblically Based" ? I'm sold, I'm ordering one of everything.


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