Wednesday, September 20, 2006


Very good article called: The Problem With PreachingPreaching is a big problem. After many years of preaching, listening to sermons, studying the scriptures, participating in 'church' leadership & studying the western church (in New Zealand), I'm becoming convinced that preaching often does more harm than good. Preaching, as it is practiced in modern churches, is extra-biblical, a poor form of communication, and creates dependency...full article here


Stuart said...

Thanks for putting this article on. Did not know about it. Have got a copy to show to preaching class I teach. Had been discussing with them the 'shaky grounds on which the pulpit stands' (metaphorically speaking). Struggled with the article, however. Is this because I have a vested interest in preaching - perhaps. On the other hand I felt that nearly every assertion was open to fair contestation in that they represented criticism of stereo-typical ideas of preaching without taking account of the wide range of thinking and developments that have taken place in the theology, theory and practice of preaching in recent years from a variety of sources. Thanks again though for including this and I enjoy the blog.

Dave said...

Thanks Stuart, had a quick look at your blog and need to get back there, looks like some good articles on there. I will try and relate what form preaching has taken for us, it has certainly borne much fruit.
i did preaching as part of my degree in Dingwall at HTC under a chap called Noel Due.
Will be in touch


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