Tuesday, September 12, 2006


This just doesn't sound very safe to me...

Dr Brian Cox, from the University of Manchester, said: "We've built a machine that operates beyond the energy where we really know what's happening.

Physics could be turned on its head by a monster machine that can make black holes and may provide the first real evidence that extra dimensions exist.

Scientists have no idea what they will find when the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) starts smashing elementary particles together next year at energies never reached before.

One possibility is that it will create Higgs particles, which some theorists think may be involved in giving objects mass.

It might also verify Professor Stephen Hawking's theory that black holes "evaporate" over time, or produce mysterious "dark matter".

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Anonymous said...

My experience as a Chaplain at Imperial College London convinced me that most scientist have no idea of what they are doing most of the time and the greatest discoveries are often made by mistake!

Brian Cox also used to play keyboards in one of my favourite bands from the 1980s (still going without him) called Dare

alastair - fracme.blogspot.com (now i'm on blogger beta i'm not allowed to login and comment)

Aaron said...

Creating black holes. This can only end well.

Dave said...

I guess they will get the whole thing revved up and France and Switzerland will disappear - now thats some mistake to make :)

someone remind the story of Pandora's box again!

Shieldsy said...

They promise great things in order to get massive research budgets (... how many billion). Reality is rather less exciting.

I've had one of these particle accelerator things in my garden for ages ... it's rubbish!

Dave said...


Are you sure thats not just a garden composter, mind you I did read of a bus load of albanian plasterers vanishing into a black void in Pudsey!

Dave said...

Some comments may vanish from the recent comments sidebar, still
trying to get it working right.

dinsy said...

I heard about this on the radio while driving into work, they think they are going to find God in the hole in the ground or something to do with these Higgs particles. I think it is a Tunnel of Babel.

(The guy being interviewed said although they had no idea what would happen, it was perfectly safe!)

Gillian said...

My sisters boyfriend is an electrician in the CERN facility in Geneva, heres hoping that France and Switzerland don't dissapear. Anyway he operates one of the thingys that bounces the atoms (or whatever) around this enormous tunnel.

Anyway, my sister recently told me that he came home from work one day in a big huff (as you boys do), because of a fall out at work. Typical kinda thing in an organisation that employs people from all over the world, he wanted to do something the way he was taught (the british way), but everyone else said it should be done their way (the european way), this argument may be trivial enough if they were perhaps talking about a filing system, maybe which way their monitors should be facing, or using red pen to fill in their holiday forms rather than black, but lets put this into perspective, we're talking about atoms bouncing around this tunnel, one false move and bye bye Geneva, here's hoping they agreed one way or another.

Dave said...

Hey Gillian,

Good to see you on here, and how freaky is that in relation to the post. I mean it was just a random post, little did I know that your sisters boyfriend was a secret scientist posing as a sparky for CERN, the global physics company attempting to unleash the hidden dark forces of the underworld and make a bid for world domination...Sorry too many Marvel comics!

Hope they sorted out their differences, I would hate to see France being sucked through a worm hole and ending up as a colonial outpost of the distant planet Pluto (who cares if its a rock or a planet)

Shieldsy said...

"I would hate to see France being sucked through a worm hole and ending up as a colonial outpost of the distant planet Pluto"

You'd hate that would you? Doesn't sound like a bad idea to me! ;o)


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