Thursday, September 07, 2006

Maths problem

Can you help me solve this problem (real)

Bill and Ben are building a joint fence in their garden. The money spent is as follows...

Bill spends £110 on timber
Ben spends £25 on concrete
Bill borrows £15 from Ben during the fence building

How much should Ben give back to Bill to make an equal 50/50 split on the material costs?

I have come up with three different answers


dinsy said...


Fence costs £110 + £25 = £135.00

Each man's share is £67.50

Ben has spent £25, so he owes another £42.50.

He has loaned £15 already, so Bill keeps the £15 and Ben owes him another £27.50.

To check this is right, look at Bill's side of the transaction.

He has spent £110, he's had £15.00 already which reduces this to £95, if Ben gives him another £27.50 he will have spent £67.50.

(Just for the amusement value, what were your answers?)

Dave said...

Bill got £27.50 which he has now spent on plants.

It can be worked out differently but I cannot remember the various permetations Bill and Ben came up with.

Thanks, it makes sense

Meg said...

Details lacking... What is the final cost of the fence? 220 pounds - or more or less?

Did Ben and Bill have an arrangement whereby the 15 pounds loaned was understood to have nothing to do with the fence costs?

Anonymous said...

I got £27.50 as well but it depends on what the £15 loan was for. If the money went on fence equipment (i.e Big tub of Creosote) then he would have to pay back £35 instrwad of £27.50!
Think you have added an extra level of confusion with the plants, are they for both bill and bens enjoyment, if so i better get my calculator out!!


Dave said...

Okay I think the £27.50 is correct, is creosote not illegal now! I think it is, but I do not think Bill and Ben could ever be accused of using illegal substances, except maybe for doin little weed from time to time...hey that just made me laugh :)

The plants are for Bills wife's enjoyment, Bill better get out there and get the fence painted before Mrs Bill gets home and finds out hes not started yet.

Anonymous said...

If its illegal someone better tell Mr Bill's dad to stop using it so much then!!
I bet you could go to anyone's shed who is over 60 (thats the age of the person, not the shed by the way)and you would find enough creosote for bill and ben to go into business!


Dave said...

Bills dad has now become a major dealer in creosote in the North of England, he has a preservative cartel operating from his two sheds.
I had hoped he would give it up but I think he is an addict, he was suspected of causing a major blaze at the Ronseal factory in Widnes.

Dave said...

Test Comment

PeterinScotland said...

Bill has spent £95 of his money and Ben has spent £40 of his money.

Total £135, or £67.50 each.

So Ben needs to spend (give to Bill) another £27.50, which will increase his shaare to £67.50 and reduce Bill's share to £27.50.


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